Where’s Mommy



Hannah is your schoolmate’s mom who had some beef with your mom a while back. You had run off to mom crying about a boy in school who’d been picking on you, Hannah’s son. Hannah came over to teach your mom and you a lesson in not being a pussy by beating your mom to a pulp right in front of you.

Today, Hannah comes back for more. She knocks on your door looking to slap your mom around again and you (POV) answer. You tell her that she isn’t home. Hannah then tells you how much fun it was to put her in her place during your last encounter as you stare at her hot body. Hannah starts to notice and comments that you seemed to enjoy it when she was punishing your mother. You confess that you’ve been fantasizing about that day and how a dominant woman turned you on so much. Hannah comes in and invites you to worship her muscular body ass, instructs you to kiss her powerful biceps, legs, and superior ass. As you follow her commands, Hannah says that she wishes your mom were here to see the power she has over her son. After you worship her body to her liking, she allows you to jerk your hard cock to her body by her instructions. Custom 2017 featuring Hannah Perez


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