Developer Gets it in the End


Ludella the Developer and Indica the one trying to save the trees. Yes Ludella has one up. But Indica knows how to get around.


There is a protest going on against the developers. Save the Forest, is Indica Fetish’s choice of signs to hold. She yells, protesting proudly to save the forest. Well Ludella Hahn just happens to be one of the developers that is ready to tear down these trees that Indica happens to be standing next to. Ludella doesn’t have time for this today and begins to set the “light” for whats to come. Ludella heats up the handle that she has plans for.

Meanwhile, Indica tries to direct everyone to do what is right. The forest was there before them and they should stay after. Back to Ludella’s plan, after lighting the candle its time to heat up the penny. Ludella approaches Indica, and Indica not knowing who she is tries to get her to join the protest. AS IF Ludella tells Indica. Nothing will stop Ludella from building her new mall. Ludella yanks Indica’s sign from her hand and tosses it away from her. Indica goes to pick it up, and the beloved butt crack hangs out ready for Ludella’s plan to simply unfold. Ludella drops the hot penny down Indica’s pants burning her butt. Once Indica gets it out she rubs her butt in pain and Ludella gets a good laugh in. “We are getting a REAL CRACK DOWN on you environmentalists!” While Indica is rubbing her poor crack Ludella comes up and pulls her pants down, showing Indica’s butt and well everything else. Indica tells Ludella that she is an evil woman but that doesn’t stop Ludella from pantsing Indica again after getting her pants up. “Serves her right!”

Well Indica has some payback to bring to Ludella not only in a sense of the environment but for herself. Indica sneaks into Ludella’s office seeing that she is not there and gives her to perfect opportunity to give her what she asked for. Once Indica moves around the desk she knows that she should hide. She goes under Ludella’s desk. Ludella comes in and starts sifting through her paperwork. Meanwhile, Indica is placing thumbtacks on to Ludella’s seat. Ludella notices something about endangered species and she could care less. She goes to sit down and sits right on a tack. Ludella knows a prank is being played and can’t wait to make the person responisble pay. Indica gets a good laugh at Ludella searching for her. Now time for her to get a taste of her own medicine.

Indica lights a candle then gets her rock. She makes it good and hot and puts it right in Ludella’s butt crack. Ludella jumps around theatrically and her butt is a burnin. She pulls her pants down to retrieve the hot rock. She has no idea how it got there. Next Indica has a jar of fire ants that she will use as another butt prank. Ludella has messed with the wrong enviornmentalist. And Indica has no problem showing her just that. Next the bowl comes out after Indica shows her face. Yeah Ludella remembers exactly who she is and then Indica gets the jar of bees. Well the bees swarming attack Ludella but Indica was not expecting them to come back at her. But luckily she has gotten her point across. bzz bzz.


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