Giving it a Try


Kitty Catherine is lying on bed and then hears something. She looks down and sees you and says is that a tiny pervert on the ground. She tells you she could take the point of her heel right to you. Kitty was about to take a nap but she is going to have fun with you instead. Kitty lists everything she could do to you. She could step on you, swallow you or put her right in breast, and starts to squeeze you. She tells you to go ahead and sit you right on her ass. Or she could squash you with her ass. Kitty realizes their is so many things she could do to you. She takes her heels off and says she could squash you with those. Kitty wants to know what you would choose between all the ways you could go. Kitty gives you a view of trying to sit on you, or wonders if you are a foot pervert. She cant hear anything you are trying to tell her. Kitty thinks that its funny that you might think that you are going to leave still breathing. Then she tells you that she is hungry and you could be a snack. Kitty thinks its funny that you are so small but you made so much noise coming in. Kitty said she was so bored, but you brought her her a present. Kitty wonders if she placed you on her shoulder if you could climb down, then she propositions your life to do it. Kitty tells you that you did a great job when you completed going down her body. Kitty dangles her feet in front of you and tells you what she could do with them. But she promised she wasnt going to take you out. Kitty places you on her dresser and tells you not to go anywhere. Its time for her to take a nap.


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