Home for Christmas


Emily had plans for an office Christmas party but she wasn’t looking forward to seeing her creepy coworker Bob there. Instead she gets to see him at home for the holidays.


There is a Christmas party at the office for Emily Addison and she is not looking forward to going. As she gets dress she addresses the dread of seeing Bob there and she is sure that he will be staring at her making her feel weird. She ties her hair up and little does she know the weirdo Bob is right behind her, preparing her white cloth. Emily knows if she doesn’t go now she will be late for the party. Bob surprises her and grabs her letting her know she won’t be going anywhere tonight. Emily struggles for a little while trying to get out of Bob’s grasp with the white cloth. She fails and goes out. Bob moves Emily’s head around and then removes the white cloth. He checks Emily’s eyes and chin to see if she is out. Then once it is confirmed enough for him he begins fondling her legs, feet and crotch.

A While after he gets his feel in, he lifts Emily up and carries her to bed. Where he lifts Emily’s skirt and spreads her legs. Bob sees some extra pantyhose on the bed and gags Emily with a pair. Then he places the white cloth back onto her face. After, he removes her glasses and hikes up her skirt even more. Bob rolls Emily over a couple of times and in between he fondles Emily. Emily finally wakes up through all of this and she gets rough white clothed. And out she goes.

Bob puts Emily over his shoulder and takes her to the couch where he places to white cloth over her mouth to make sure she stays out. Then he checks her eyes again. Bob decides to remove Emily’s blouse. Emily then wakes up and tries to crawl away, removing her gag she pleads for Bob not to do this and that she will be late to the party. Bob pulls the groggy Emily back to him, not having any plans for her to get away from him. She asks him not to make her go out as she struggles to pull from him. Bob has plans for them to be together tonight so he has to make her go out. Bob gets her to go out and then he begins to remove the rest of her clothes with a few more struggles from Emily. But Bob dominates her and makes sure she isn’t going anywhere.

Once Bob has Emily completely naked he moves her to the bed, carrying her over his shoulder. Emily wakes up on the bed groggy and she wants to know what Bob wants from her. He wants her to put on the hooters outfit that he has on hand for her. She doesn’t understand why he wants her to wear this. He tells her he always pictured her working at hooters instead of the stuffy office. Emily reluctantly does what she is told but makes sure Bob knows he wont be getting away with this. Bob tells Emily she looks beautiful and then tells her to turn around. Emily nervously turns around knowsing she doesn’t exactly have a choice. Bob then proceeds to roughly put the white cloth over her mouth. Emily then goes out.

Bob carries Emily over to the table and puts her on it eye checking to make sure she is out. He then admires the new pantyhose that she is wearing and decides to fondle her more and exposes her pantyhose crotch by moving her orange shorts to the side. He takes the extra pantyhose he has to tie Emily’s hands and feet. Bob prepares a folded pair of pantyhose to assure that Emily stays out for a while.

Emily wakes up and she sees that she is all alone. She knows she has to get up and get into her Wonder Woman costume. Once she is dressed she goes searching for Bob. Bob knows she is coming looking for him and she prepares the cloth for her again. Bob slowly arm carries Emily to the table and after he checks her she wakes up groggy trying to fight it. Bob bear hugs Emily and she goes to the floor. This struggle continues with Emily until Bob gets her back to bed. To where he has a little sexy christmas outfit for Emily. They are home for Christmas.


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