Home Invader



Ivy is getting home from a long night, just to find someone in her home. Ivy becomes submissive and listens to anything she is told so that she wont come into any harm. Ivy is directed into her bedroom by her home invader as he watches her ass going up the stairs. Once she is up there he ties her to the bed post. Ivy struggles to try and get her wrist free. It takes a moment but she gets her hands free then her legs. Ivy makes her way downstairs to call the cops. The invader hasn’t left yet and now she is forced to remove her clothes. Once she does that he makes her go upstairs again. Ivy is wondering now what. But the man ties her to the bed this time as she lays across it. Ivy now has a gag and is forced to struggle wondering how she is going to get out of this.

Keywords: skye blue, giantess, giant woman, boss, employee, maid fetish, shrinking fetish, humiliation


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