Personal Makeover Consultant



Today is your day, so it’s no surprise you have come to me for help. You just want to be made up into the pretty little doll that you are beneath all that chest hair. No worries, it’s what I do. I turn sissy boys into prissy girls. We’ll start with getting the right shade of lipstick on you. Then I’ll apply the rest of your make up. I have the perfect outfit for you. Let’s make you fashion forward with this eye-popping pink skirt, sheer black blouse and knee high heeled boots for you. Here’s a purse, put it over your shoulder. Let me take a look at you. Wow, so much better already. Now we need to do something with all that hair on your body. Here’s a razor and some shaving cream. Get to work and make it look good. Depending on how you turn out, I might take you out and parade you around as my little sissy in front of all my friends! Features Hannah Perez


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