Caught by the Wrong Girl


It looks like you are out of luck today. You blew it by getting caught cheating on the test. What’s worse, the biggest bully in school is the one who caught you. She shows up to your room after school today. Anna immediately confront you and humiliate you for doing such a dumb thing and getting caught. She will not let you get away easy with this one. She decides with this upper hand she will take full advantage and use you however she can. She starts by raiding your room of any & everything she wants. You obviously go along with this because you are terrified  of  her  telling on you. Next, she decides she will turn you into her foot worshiping slave. She makes you get down on your knees and she begins dominating you with her feet, instructing you to lick the dirt off of them. She becomes very comfortable with the idea of having you as her personal foot slave. After this humiliation is done, she decides one last thing before she goes . she picks you up and decks you right in the face sending you down to the floor. The blackmailing bully walks away, but not before she gives you a little “see you in hell” wish first. This is only the beginning of a very submissive relationship you will be having with her — that is, if you want her to keep your secret from your parents and teacher.


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