Mixed Triangle Chokeout


This female fighter is facing off with a dude in a grappling match. He is arguing that he’ll win simply because he’s a boy, and she’s a girl. Little does he know that she’s trained in BJJ and plans to take him out by surprise! She doesn’t have to pull any fast moves because he walks right into her triangle choke! She gets him in it and keeps him there until he can manage to escape. Only, he doesn’t. She has him trapped in her leg choke for several minutes. She watches him change color, try to tap out, beg for mercy, lose his breath as she gradually tightens her grip, and eventually pass out from this move. She gloats, of course. Her message to this guy and all the rest? Don’t underestimate the power of a very effective move by a skilled grappler because she’s a girl! Custom 2017


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