Wife Beater Gets Beat Again


Cadence is seeking revenge on a known wife beater for his despicable crime. She is one badass chick so she’s not afraid to confront him. The best thing she has going for her is her facesitting assassination skills. She comes prepared with several outfits to wear for this adventure. She arrives at the man’s house and immediately dominates him. She pushes him down and begins a series of facesitting ASS-aults on this loser. In different positions she always manages to have his face buried in or otherwise being smothered by her “shiny south”. The victim is breathless, begging for reprieve. After several long sessions, she decides to have a happy ending on his face, which is how she takes out her victims. She picks him up and drags him by his ear to the bedroom where she lays him down and straddles his face. Cadence has her orgasmic ending on this bad guy’s face leaving him totally limp and breathless! Custom 2017


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