Not So Secret Mission


*This was inspired by inspector gadget

Hannah and her gang are crafty women who manipulate situations — and those involving men particularly— to their advantage. The scene begins with Hannah briefing her associates Sadie and Carmen on their next mission. Hannah plans to take stolen secret government weapons and documents and sell them off to the mother country Brazil for millions. Her associates are confident they can carry things out. It may just involve some seductive skills to get the job done. Their main obstacle is a man named Pete, a clumsy and ditzy detective. It will be Sadie’s and Carmen’s job to “win him over”.

The women embark on their mission. Throughout the course of the episode, sloppy moves by Pete cause the women to run into things, swing and miss, get sleepy ragged, have a crash landing into a couch, get spun around into a dizzy oblivion etc.

In the final scene, Sadie and Carmen have Pete sandwiched. They plot to take him out. Instead, he ends up taking a vibrator to the both of them, turning them into piles of mush on the floor. Hannah walks in disappointed once again in their failure, only to get vibed herself. They end in a three girl body pile, a visible mess from this disaster, groaning and grunting while Pete watches.

Custom 2018


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